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Punjabi and Sikh vocabulary-building game for the children. Based on a simple drag and drop principle this game will allow your kids to learn and practice their knowledge of Sikhi related words and expand their Punjabi vocabulary.

Lovely graphics, engaging sound effect – Sikh Puzzles is an easy game to master and will keep the children entertained while supporting their learning.

Brought to you by Mighty Khalsa – a publishing and media project by the UK registered Sikh educational charity Everythings 13.

Support our work – all donations go towards future educational projects and parchar!

About Mighty Khalsa

We believe that Sikh history, ethos and way of living are amazingly inspiring for people from all backgrounds and we are working hard on presenting it in our publications.

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For BULK ORDERS (10+ copies of the same book) please use our contact page. Please leave the details of your order to get the information on discounts/shipping deals we can offer.

CANADA & USA – for bulk orders of Sikh Puzzle & Activity book please email to for special rates on postage. Bulk order in boxes, each box contains 150 books.

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