Mighty Khalsa Sikh Nursery Rhymes

Mighty Khalsa Sikh Nursery Rhymes:

  1. Sat Sri Akaal song – intro
  2. The Gurus Song
  3. Khalsa Bana
  4. Twinkle Twinkle
  5. Incy Wincy Khalsa
  6. Row, row, row your Boat
  7. We are the Khalsa
  8. Mool Mantr
  9. The Wheels on the Bus
  10. I am Happy, I am Good
  11. Go Little Khalsa
  12. The Khalsa Way (Brave Little Khalsa)
  13. N-A-N-A-K
  14. Sat Sri Akaal song – outro

This project took possibly over 4 years to complete with so many people across the globe contributing to it and patiently waiting for the release.

In January 2014 we’ve uploaded our first Sikh Nursery rhyme video on YouTube – The Gurus Song. In April 2016 the second video “We Are the Khalsa” was released. Both of these songs along with 12 other tracks are available now in a book & audio CD format.

Each of the songs had a double spread dedicated to it. There are lyrics and photographs of the children demonstrating the actions for each verse or line of the song/rhyme. The actions are easy to learn and to do along with the music.

All the familiar tunes and traditional nursery rhymes get new Sikhi lyrics – all about Vaheguru Ji, Khalsa and the brave Singhs and Kaurs of the Guru.

If you are interested in getting the songs alone (without the book) you can find the album for download from Google Play or iTunes music store.

About Mighty Khalsa

We believe that Sikh history, ethos and way of living are amazingly inspiring for people from all backgrounds and we are working hard on presenting it in our publications.

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