Fascinating Folktales of Punjab, vol 4 & 5


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The Farmer and the Dove. A dove steals a farmer’s grain. He cages her and takes her to the King demanding justice. Their journey across Punjab’s fields and villages is filled with many twists and turns. Maternal love, justice, and freedom all come together in this heart- warming folktale.

The Very Hungry Ant. An ant who loves to eat swallows a pot full of sãg and many rotïs but is still very hungry. She gobbles up everything in her path. Eventually, she learns a valuable lesson: “Being greedy is not good.” Children will love this sing-song folktale that introduces them to various animals, their habitats, and to colors, sounds, and numbers.

Volumes 4 & 5 of the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab.

Story is in Punjabi with English translation on every page. Transliteration at the end of the book.

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